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Devon Creams Teas

Tavistock’s Cream Tea Festival – celebrating the birthplace of the Devon Cream tea! 

Today is the cream tea festival being held in Tavistock thanks to the Tavistock Heritage Trust. Legend has it that the cream tea originated in Tavistock – the story goes that when the Abbey was being re-built after being plundered and badly damaged by a band of marauding Vikings in 997AD, the monks rewarded the local workers by feeding them with bread and ‘clowted cream’ It proved so popular that the monks continued to serve the treat to passing travellers. Unfortunately for those workers it is highly unlikely that the monks topped their ‘clowted cream’ with strawberry preserve in the true Devon tradition. Sugar hadn’t made its way to England in the 10th century and so preserves were made by mixing fruit pulp with a honey and allowing it to dry in the sun, creating a texture more like that of a jellied sweet.  An interesting story of the possible links to the now famous cream teas that can be sampled around the world! For more information on the history of the World Heritage town of  Tavistock please visit www.heritageintavistock.org. or even better come and visit Tavistock and sample a Devon Cream Tea!   

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