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Wild Camping on Dartmoor: What’s Changed?

Wild Camping on Dartmoor: What’s Changed?   Dartmoor hit the headlines last year with the proposed changes to the Bylaws that govern how the national park is used. Some newspapers claimed wild camping in the area was to be banned. Others asserted that visiting Dartmoor was about to get a whole lot more difficult. The …


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Dartmoor with dogs

Four Fantastic Four-legged Fun Ideas on Dog-Friendly Dartmoor It’s not just the family that enjoys camping on Dartmoor, dogs love it too! There is no need to leave your furry friends at home when you come to visit Langstone Manor Park on Dartmoor. Our site and manor house are dog friendly and there’s plenty for …


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Dartmoor for cyclists

The Best Cycle Routes for Scenic Rides On and Around Dartmoor   Taking in the beauty of Dartmoor from the seat of a mountain bike is arguably one of the best ways to spend a holiday in the area. Dartmoor has multiple cycle routes that enable active holidaymakers to take in the breath-taking scenery while …


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Discovering Dartmoor without a Car

Discovering Dartmoor without a Car Criss-crossed with multiple walking and cycling routes, discovering Dartmoor National Park without a car is a delight. Exploring by bike or foot enables visitors to take in quiet wooded valleys, sparkling streams and the famous granite peaks. If planning to discover Dartmoor without a car, both rail and coach can …


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The Forming of Dartmoor National Park

The Forming of Dartmoor National Park: Geology and Social History     To understand the unique landscape of Dartmoor National Park, we need to head back in time. Back to when the dinosaurs roamed the earth and our continents were moving too. Even after Dartmoor was formed, it took some time for it to become …


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Famous Dartmoor Legends and Folk Tales

Famous Dartmoor Legends and Folk Tales that open a Window to the Past Legends and folk tales can open a window to our past. Passed from generation to generation, many hold grains of truth and were used to warn of danger, extol the virtues of various plants and animals, or explain strange natural events. Dartmoor …


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Top Filming Locations to Visit in and around Dartmoor National Park

The dramatic landscape of Dartmoor National Park has captivated visitors for centuries. It should come as no surprise that it’s also one of the top filming locations in the UK. The earliest films to be shot on Dartmoor were released in 1929.   ‘The American Prisoner’ and ‘A Dartmoor Cottage’ (sometimes referred to an ‘Escape …


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Dartmoor’s Famous Tors and the Best Times to Visit

Dartmoor has over 160 tors. Considering there are so many, it’s likely you’ll want to know which of them to visit when you come on holiday. The National Park covers 368 square miles, running roughly 20 miles North to South and East to West. Scattered across the wild landscape are numerous granite outcrops, otherwise known …


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The Leats of Dartmoor

The Leats of Dartmoor Dartmoor’s leats – or manmade waterways – run for hundreds of miles across the moor. Delivering water for agricultural, industrial and domestic purposes. The leats connect the five main rivers and other streams with nearly every corner of the moor.   The oldest waterways date back to medieval times. Some appear …


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Letterboxing and Geocaching on Dartmoor

Something Out of the Ordinary: Letterboxing and Geocaching on Dartmoor   More than 150 years ago, James Perrott of Chagford invented ‘letterboxing’. This fun outdoor activity combines problem-solving with treasure hunting, orienteering and, in some instances, art. Geocaching is a similar activity, but with a modern twist. Exact locations are recorded with Global Positioning System …


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