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Fun Activities to Do on Dartmoor in the Rain

Fun Activities to Do on Dartmoor in the Rain There’s no denying it, Dartmoor is rainy. Thanks to the high position and south-westerly flow of air, Dartmoor gets double the amount of rain as the Scilly Isles. It even trumps the coastal areas of Devon and Cornwall when it comes to rainfall. Even so, it’s …


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A Historic Landscape: Was Dartmoor Once a Lush Forest?

A Historic Landscape: Was Dartmoor Once a Lush Forest?   The earth has been changing for billions of years. The landscape you see outside your window looked very different 10,000 years ago. 100,000 years ago they’d be unrecognisable. It’s the same for our favourite windswept national park — 10,000 years ago, Dartmoor was a forest. …


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Famous Dartmoor stories

3 Famous Dartmoor Stories to Tell on Your Holiday Dartmoor’s landscape is the perfect setting for inspiring tales and myths about fairies, ghosts and giants. Many stories have been told to explain the landscape or warn children from wandering too far. From scary Dartmoor stories to real-life famous Dartmoor stories, there’s plenty to spark your …


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Famous pubs on Dartmoor

The Top 3 Dartmoor Pubs to Visit this Year Dartmoor is known for its spectacular landscapes. So, what better way to enjoy those vistas than from the comfort of a cosy pub? We’ve scoured the moors to collect the most memorable Dartmoor pubs for you to enjoy.   But we didn’t stop there, we’ve whittled …


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Famous Dartmoor Authors and Their Brilliant Books

Famous Dartmoor Authors and Their Brilliant Books Want to set the scene for your next Dartmoor holiday? Reading one of the books from the list below is a great way to get in the mood for a memorable holiday. Forget reading on the beach, these books will have you dreaming of the moors. Each of …


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Famous Dartmoor artists

Famous Dartmoor artists and galleries showing their work Three of the most famous Dartmoor artists passed away last century. R.D. Sherrin, F.J. Widgery, and T Rowden painted stunning watercolours and gouache landscapes. However, Dartmoor’s landscape has continued to inspire contemporary artists. Devon artists, Daniel Shread and Sophie Berger are two artists with works exhibited with …


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Famous Dartmoor: Why This Wild Space Captured The Hearts of Brits”

Famous Dartmoor: Why This Wild Space Captured The Hearts of Brits  Dartmoor’s unique landscape has captured the hearts of many and the imagination of famous writers and poets. It’s little wonder, the wild undulating land and granite tors of Dartmoor are hard to forget once you’ve laid eyes on their striking beauty.    Dartmoor has …


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Wild Camping on Dartmoor: What’s Changed?

Wild Camping on Dartmoor: What’s Changed?   Dartmoor hit the headlines last year with the proposed changes to the Bylaws that govern how the national park is used. Some newspapers claimed wild camping in the area was to be banned. Others asserted that visiting Dartmoor was about to get a whole lot more difficult. The …


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Dartmoor with dogs

Four Fantastic Four-legged Fun Ideas on Dog-Friendly Dartmoor It’s not just the family that enjoys camping on Dartmoor, dogs love it too! There is no need to leave your furry friends at home when you come to visit Langstone Manor Park on Dartmoor. Our site and manor house are dog friendly and there’s plenty for …


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Dartmoor for cyclists

The Best Cycle Routes for Scenic Rides On and Around Dartmoor   Taking in the beauty of Dartmoor from the seat of a mountain bike is arguably one of the best ways to spend a holiday in the area. Dartmoor has multiple cycle routes that enable active holidaymakers to take in the breath-taking scenery while …


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