Whether you’re planning your first outdoor adventure or you’re a seasoned camper, Dartmoor is an excellent place to enjoy the wild outdoors! The area is designated as a national park, so, Dartmoor camping spots within its boundaries are few and far between.

That makes our camping ground at Langstone Manor Park pretty special! We’re nestled on the western side of Dartmoor National Park, near Tavistock. Our award-winning site offers the full range of Dartmoor camping spots too. We’ve got grassy camping pitches for tents, glamping pods, touring caravan sites and space for motorhomes and trailer tents too!

If you enjoy creature comforts when you’re camping, like hot showers and wifi, you’ll love staying with us. For those looking for a wild camping experience, read on for our two favourite Dartmoor camping sites and the rules you need to know before pitching your tent.

Wild Camping on Dartmoor Dartmoor National Park is home to many unique and rare plants and animals. Wild camping offers you the chance to enjoy them along with breathtaking views and star-filled skies from the cosy comfort of a tent.

Sheeps Tor Different from many of the other 160 tors found in Dartmoor, Sheeps Tor is one of the most impressive. The massive granite wall is marked with cracks and crevices of all shapes and sizes, making it a favoured spot for rock climbers. Wild camping is allowed near the peak. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a place to pitch a small tent. Expect brilliant views of the landscape and billions of stars on a clear night. The small hamlet of Sheestor nearby is worth a visit if only for the church and ancient water well.

Ryder’s Hill

Further to the east, standing high near the centre of Dartmoor is Ryder’s Hill. This high moorland plateau is a lonely place, but worth the effort of trekking with your camping gear. It can only be reached on foot and when you reach the peak, you’ll be rewarded with a view as far as the Isle of Portland in Dorset and Dodman Point in Cornwall.

There are plenty of flat grassy places to pitch a small tent near the boundary stones for Holne and Buckfastleigh.

Dartmoor camping rules

Recent changes to wild camping guidance for Dartmoor have left some people a little wary of heading out on their own. Dartmoor’s camping rules are intended to preserve the natural beauty of the area for all to enjoy.

Along with checking Dartmoor National Park’s wild camping map before you set out, you’ll need to follow these rules:

· Limit your stay to a maximum of two nights.

· Keep your tent and group small – no large tents or groups are allowed for wild camping.

· Overnight stays in vehicles, camper vans and motorhomes are not allowed.

· Leave no trace – fires aren’t allowed and all rubbish must be taken with you.

· Pitch your tent out of sight from roads, residences and other buildings.

Other Dartmoor camping spots

Of course, you don’t have to trek into the wilds to enjoy camping on Dartmoor. We welcome hundreds of campers each year who enjoy the tors, rivers and heather-clothed hills knowing the comfort of our hospitality awaits them at the end of each day.

We are one of the few camping grounds within Dartmoor National Park. We also recommend The River Dart Country Park on the south of Dartmoor and the Fox and Hound campsite on the north of Dartmoor National Park for those planning to explore a different part of the moorland or if you’re unable to secure a spot with us for your holiday.

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