There is something very special about camping with a fire. Sharing Dartmoor tales and legends around the flickering flames. Roasting marshmallows with giggling kids. Letting your mind relax as you watch the sparks and flames after an active day exploring the moors. Fires and camping go hand in hand. But when it comes to unique natural spots like Dartmoor, camping with a fire isn’t always possible.



Are fires allowed in Dartmoor National Park?

Dartmoor National Park is an amazing natural space. It’s archaeologically rich and a special area for conservation. The many rare plants, animals and unique habitats make the 954km² some of the most special in all of the UK. Through summer and long periods of dry weather, Dartmoor has very a high fire risk. Even in winter, the moor can easily catch alight. Fires across the moor would be devastating for the native flora and fauna.


If you are wild camping on Dartmoor, campfires are completely banned. For cooking meals or making a hot cup of tea, small gas stoves or meth burners are recommended. These should be placed on rocks to avoid burn marks on vegetation or accidentally starting wildfires.

Even when out for day trips or walking on Dartmoor, portable BBQs and open fires are banned. This is to prevent any fire from getting out of hand and spreading across the moors. Visitors to Dartmoor should also be careful not to discard cigarettes, matches, lighters and even glass bottles, which can start wildfires.


Which camping grounds on Dartmoor allow fires?

Fortunately, some camping grounds on Dartmoor do allow campfires as long as they are properly contained. We’ve noted a few favourite Dartmoor camping grounds that permit fires with certain conditions.


· Langstone Manor Park Campers, caravaners and glampers who wish to enjoy Dartmoor camping with a fire are welcome to bring a firepit. Portable camping firepits made from stainless steel or other metal, provide a safe and portable space for campfires. We also ask that guests bring fuel for burning too.


· Three Hares Campsite

This family-friendly campsite on Dartmoor is just outside of Drewsteington near the River Teign. Campfires are allowed in portable firepits that can be hired at the campsite for an additional cost. Three Hares Campsite is open to campers in tents and campervans but dogs are not allowed on site.


· Sunsets and Marshmallows As the name suggests, this glamping site allows campfires. Found on the edge of Dartmoor National Park just outside the sweet village of Cheriton Bishop, each safari tent comes with a picnic area equipped with a gas BBQ and firepit.

Dartmoor camping with a fire is allowed, as long as you choose your camping spot wisely. For a camping holiday on Dartmoor that includes roasted marshmallows and flickering fire light, book your camping holiday with Langstone Manor Park today!

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